Resale Policy

Clothes need to be in closed bins with lids and must be freshly laundered and completely free of: smoke or other odors, wrinkles, stains, holes, fading or excessive wear.
Clothing should be like new and relatively current styles (bought within the last 2-3 years). 
We do not accept undergarments of any kind.
We accept clothing based upon seasonal demands. Our accepting schedule is as follows: 
- March through July – Spring and Summer clothing * 
- August through January – Fall and Winter clothing * 
- We accept jeans year-round.

Sweet Repeats will determine the resale price of your garments.

Zippers must work, all buttons present, and all snaps, buttons, and zippers should be fastened.
Toys or equipment must be clean, in good working order and have all parts included.
No more than 1 bin per appointment.

After we check everything, we would call you with an offer. You may choose to take a check or store credit. Checks are issued on the 15th or 30th of each month depending on when you bring in your items, or store credit will be available immediately after calling you with your offer. You will receive 50% of what we can resale your items for with a check, or if you do store credit, you will receive 10% more!

Checks are not cut on Saturdays and Mondays. They can be picked up Tuesday - Friday of any week. 

Once you are contacted about your offer, you have 7 days to pick up your returns or they will be donated on your behalf.

Any check not picked up within 90 days of your pickup date will be converted to store credit. 

We appreciate your business!

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