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Newborn Baby Must Have List!

Expecting a baby? Here is the ultimate newborn baby shopping list!


*Breast pump. You might need one to relieve pressure at the beginning and avoid mastitis. It will also come in handy when you need to have someone else baby sit. And, finally, if you’re going back to work, and still want your baby to exclusively eat breast milk.
*Nursing bras. You’ll need at least 2, depending on how often you do laundry. These are soft and I wear them to bed, too.
*Nursing tanks. At least 4. A regular tank top with elastic straps works well, too.
*Breast Pads. The 4-pack should be good for at least 2 months
*Nipple cream, lanolin. Get the smallest package, you really don’t need this past 10 days.
*Nursing pillow. This one takes up lots of room but is great for first time moms: My Brest Friend Pillow, $30
*Nursing cover .. you can just use a thin swaddle blanket instead, and tuck the corners in bra straps while breastfeeding.
*Bottles. Glass or plastic is up to you
*Nipples (slow-flow for newborns).
*Cleaning brush. Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner
*Dishwasher basket, for bottle parts. Dishwasher Basket
*Burp cloths.
*Bibs. 5 Pack Waterproof Absorbent Terry Bibs
*Rocking chair or a glider.


*Diapers that are hug hits:

*Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers

*Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers


*Diaper rash cream

*Diaper bag - Best to have a large one and a smaller one for small trips

*Changing table

*Changing pag - contoured chang pad

*Pad Covers - need at least 2

*Portable changing pad for your diaper bag

Bath/General Care

*Tub. Infant tub with sling
*Washcloths. 3 packs of cotton washcloths
*Baby Shampoo.
*Hair brush. Baby brush and comb
*Nail clippers. Baby nail scissors
*Towels - Hooded
*Cotton balls and Q-tips
*Baby lotion
*Baby sunscreen
*Digital thermometer. Rectal for infants
*Baby laundry detergent
*Pacifiers and Pacifier Holder


*Pajamas. Footed. At least 5 of those.
*Muslin blankets or receiving blankets.
*Crib mattress
*Mattress protector
*Bed sheets. At least 2. 100% cotton fitted bed sheets


*Portable chair. Something that rocks or bounces
*Activity gym
*Developmental toys


*5 kimono shirts until the belly button healed.
*10 onesies 0-3M
*5 footed overalls in 0-3M
*4 swaddling blankets
*2 hats


*Infant car seat
*Car seat stroller frame
*Umbrella stroller (for 6+ months), great for travel
*Everyday stroller once they grow out the car seat/frame combo. Also a jogger if you like to get out of the house for a little exercise.
*Bundleme – for cooler climate
*Sling or a carrier

Hospital Bag

*a nursing bra (or two). Breastfeeding for the first time resulted in major nipple soreness. PJ’s or any clothing rubbing against sensitive skin was just not bearable.
*nipple cream (Lanolin) to apply before showering or after breastfeeding if colostrum alone isn’t helping with the soreness
*plastic flip flops
*lagest pads you can find
*lip balm or chapstick
*toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser and moisturizer, deodorant, hairbrush and hair elastics/clips.
*an outfit to go home in (leggings and a tunic)
*an outfit to bring baby home in (onesie, footer PJs, warm blanket)
*cell phone charger

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