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Wanna make some cute Bunny bags?

With Spring right around the corner, let's take these paper bags and turn them into bunny ear Easter treat bags! These bags are super easy to make and are a huge hit with the kids! We make these every year for treat bags when the Easter Bunny pops by the store! They are perfect for parties, Spring lunches, and treat bags for friends. This year, I decided to make a few for our Huge $2 clothing sale that we have a few times a year. We always have a little something for the first 25 people in the door so I thought these would be perfect!

These are made out of just regular brown paper lunch bags.

The easiest way to draw the ears is to fold the bag in half.

You can just "eyeball" the shape of an ear along the outside edge of the bag. I just use a pen and draw the ear and then a straight line towards the other edge.

Now you just cut along your pattern. Remember to keep it folded and cut.

It is time to open those beauties up and fill them with goodies! Just cinch them in the middle and attach with a fun Spring color. Now we are using them for the first 25 people in the door for our sale so we attached these cute numbered circles with ribbon so that throughout the day we can pick random winners for additional prizes!

Voila! Bunny treat bags in no time! How easy is that! I can't wait to give these out to the customers in the morning!

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