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Kids fun for Valentines Day!

With Valentines Day just two weeks away, it is time for us to get crafty!! If you are just SO bored with those plain dollar store Valentine cards, join the crowd! We have been OVER those for years! So why not turn the need for a classroom full of cards into a fun crafts with the little ones?

We searched the internet for a few of our favorite alternatives and wanted to share them with you.

Some of these even have the link to the free printable so all you have to do is print and get the kids to cut them out and voila... a Valentines Card that will stand out!

1) LOVE these little hearts around pencils! Sometimes we just don't know if their classmates have allergies so these are a great way to keep everyone's Valentine gifts the same. You can follow her post about these here:

2) Along those same lines, here is a link to 22 ideas for Valentines that do not include candy.

3) Look at these goldfish bowls!!

4)What about Smore love?

There are so many ideas out there! Doing Valentine Cards with my kids was always so much fun. They loved getting to make something for each classmate and the teachers.

Whatever you decide to do, the kids will love it and you get to enjoy quality time with your kids. It's a Win-Win! We hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day! Don't eat too much chocolate. If you get more than you can eat... you can always share with me!!

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