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Upcycling an Outdated Message Board

All of our kids have had those message boards.. you know, the ones that held pictures of their friends, tickets for special events, and birthday party invitations. Well, just like everything else, they grew out of that. Over the years, it got put into the attic and pretty much forgotten about.

Fast forward about 10 years. I was putting up all of my Christmas decorations in the attic when I stumbled across this blast from the past.

I could always use a message board to keep me on track! But I was not feeling that pink plaid version that had been hanging out in the attic.

So it was time for me to break out the glue gun and my favorite fabric... BURLAP! Anything covered in burlap is a keeper in my book!

I started out by pulling off all of that pink ribbon and then the pink plaid 1990s fabric. I kept the foam and stuffing that was hiding behind all of that.

Then it was time to break out the burlap. Now we all know that cutting burlap is not the most fun BUT the end result is worth it!

All you need is about two inches extra on all four sides. I used a staple gun to attach the burlap on the back along one side. Be sure to pull it tight across so that you don't have any wrinkles along the front. Once you have it tight, secure all four sides.

Now, I don't personally want one that requires push pins so I made a slightly different version. I used twine to cross along the front.

I had made a few burlap rosettes for another project and had a few laying around so I thought I would dress up my board a bit.

I decided to use my board to display some pictures of my super cute granddaughter, Kennedy! As a grandparent, you can never have enough pictures of the grandkids right?

This project ended up costing me $0.00 because I had all of these supplies on hand from other projects. Now I have a cute display for pictures, recipes, you name it!! Easy Peasy!

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